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Mobile Dent & Scratch Repair Services, Nottingham & Derby

get smart derby scratch and dent servicesGet Smart don’t only offer Mobile Scratch Repairs, we have a large range of repairs which we carry out for damage to your vehicle.

We are a mobile dent and scratch repair service, but will visit you anywhere within a 25 mile radius of Nottingham and Derby.

The Repairs we Carry Out Include:

  • Scratch Repairs
  • Dent Repairs
  • Scuffs
  • Damaged Alloy Wheels
  • Stone Chips
  • Plastic Welding for Motorcycle Fairings & Cracked Bumpers


We also carry out repairs to damaged textured bumpers, painted bumper dents and scratches, paintwork, scratches caused by vandalism, damage to door mirror casings and much more.

Scratch Repairs

Paint scratches on vehicles, are not only very unsightly, but will lessen the resale value of your vehicle. If you neglect to carry out scratch removal or to repair stone chips on your vehicle’s paintwork, it can also cause increasing rust problems, which means you may incur extra, but completely avoidable, costs in the future. Help is at hand, we can bring your vehicle’s bodywork back to a showroom finish. We will remove the scratch and repaint it with the manufacturer’s recommended paint.

Stone Chip Repairs

Stone chip damage is the most common form of damage to vehicle paintwork, especially for vehicles that drive a great deal on motorways. Each stone chip in itself is normally so small that owners tend to overlook this type of damage and just accept it as being inevitable. We will repair all stone chip damage with the correct manufacturer’s paint which will make a remarkable difference to the appearance and value of your vehicle.

Scuff Removal

Vehicle bumper scuff damage can not only spoil the look of your vehicle, but can also considerably have an effect on its resale value. Instead of wasting money on a costly whole bumper replacement, you can now bring back your bumper to its original showroom quality with our mobile bumper scuff repair service.

Plastic Welding

Is used to repair cracked bumpers and motorcycle fairings; and plastic bumpers on vehicles seem to nearly always develop tiny cracks, even when they haven’t been involved in an accident.

A traditional body shop would invariably replace the whole bumper which will bring them far more profit; however, we will mend the bumper by using our plastic welding kit, to ensure you will have your bumper looking like new again.


Alloy Wheel Repairs

We will fully, and completely, reinstate your alloy wheels to their original condition, preventing the need to purchase new alloy wheels, and will ensure that our work will cause a minimum of interruption to your schedule. Just leave it to us; we have the technology – the capability to restore all damaged alloy wheels to their original condition.

Dent Repairs

We eliminate small dents by using a method that 'massages' the dents out of the damaged area, to bring back the panel so that it appears as good as new. Larger dents take longer, but are not difficult for us to do, as we have the necessary skills and tools to carry out the work to your satisfaction.

As Derby/Nottingham’s leading Mobile Dent and Scratch Repair Company, we repair all the smaller motor vehicles, such as: cars, vans, motorcycles, motor homes and caravans, and we are fully experienced in attending to the smallest detail, an exceptionally high quality of workmanship, a topmost standard of finish and much more, and remember, you don’t come to us – we’ll come to you, to your home or workplace, within a twenty five mile radius of Nottingham/Derby.

For Mobile Dent & Scratch Repair,
Get Smart Now & Call: 07956 456 026 or 01159 491 990